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Facing this alone has been Hell, but with letters from friends it sure has made my days better. – Florida.“I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your services.Thanks to you I now have a beautiful, intelligent, conscious and supportive wife!There is no greater gift you can give to a stranger than a few words of encouragement when he needs it most.State and Federal Prisons do not allow computers, cell phones, tablets, or any device that connects to the Internet.requested a survey, please be patient while we respond – it could take several months but we will answer everyone’s request.Requests that included a self-addressed stamped envelope will be responded to first.

One could make a victory of those experiences turning life into an inner triumph…” The women of the Zehnerschaft became living proof that the type of spiritual victory Frankl was describing is possible in the nightmare of the death camps.A name called out at mail call signals to other inmates and staff that there is someone on the outside that cares for them – making them less vulnerable to violence and abuse.Founded in 1996, Inmate Classified is a pioneer of Internet services designed to address prison inmates’ need to reconnect with friends, family, and society at large.Armed with the Jewish values and ideals that had been transmitted to them, they managed to become models of courage and altruism even in the bowels of hell.

In Man’s Search for Meaning Viktor Frankl observed that “…most men in a concentration camp believed the real opportunities of life had passed.

Donate stamps, office supplies (or cash to purchase them), to help us catch up with the hundreds of existing requests. We will begin accepting new requests again in February of 2018, or sooner if we’re able. It is an awful truth that many forgotten human beings languish in our nation’s jails and prisons having little to no contact with the outside world.

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